Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Phase 2: Next Steps (Living Room)

So I finished up my inspiration board not too long ago. Since then I have been looking at what I own and my budget to think about how I can move in that direction. So far so good...

Step 1: Recover a favorite chair in this fabric. Bright sides = chair was given to us by dear friends who moved down south, fabric was 50% off over the holidays, my delightful mother-in-law took it to be reupholstered as my Christmas present this year!

Step 2: Paint our current bookshelves Squirrel by Behr. It is a warm gray color meant to give the shelves a more industrial feel given that we cannot currently afford new bookshelves. Bright sides = paint might be high on labor, but it is low on cost.

Step 3: Reorganize the shelves to make them more appealing. Right now my bookshelves are a little cluttered and jammed with books! To better this situation, I plan to box up books from my childhood to create some room for photos. I would also like to reorganize the remaining books by color (inspiration see in previous post).

Step 4: Purchase a new television stand. Our current table is not working for me... too cluttered, too small... We'll see what happens...

Step 5: Pillow remix. This is a little sad/silly/excessive because I just recovered my pillows, but I did not end up super happy with them. I learned a lot though! Experimentation will occur as I attempt to use a couple new techniques, I'll tell you now it goes. I am using the pillows seen in the inspiration board as my muses. At least one must be owl themed!

I have already begun on some of these projects and cannot wait to show you the before and after shots!

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