Saturday, January 15, 2011

The power of knobs...

The clutter fest is over. My initial hope for our television's home was to have an industrial beauty. After looking around craigslist and quite a few junk shops, I came to the realization that this is quite a specialized piece. So I headed where anybody looking for a reasonably priced piece a furniture would go, IKEA. They did not have a vintage, industrial piece (shocker) however, they did have a clean white, three drawer unit. Pros include: a lot of hidden storage, convenient space for electronics that require remotes, and a size that fills the space below the window beautifully.

In an attempt to incorporate this piece into the concept of my room I decided to splurge on some yellow knobs from Anthropologie. Ah, the power of cute knobs... The knobs play on the yellow of the fabric covering the chair, as well as adding a little French Country flare to the clean lines of the television stand.

The biggest, best thing about this addition: the elimination of clutter! Happy day!

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