Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dreaming of...

photo by Dale Mead

... going here. How can you really resist a location called The Plunge. The citizens of Richmond decided to create this haven in 1926 and it has now been restored to its prewar glory. It has even managed to outdo itself, not only is it a welcoming 83 degrees, but it also has gone green by treating its water with saline and heating its water with solar power. I have not yet indulged, but it is a dream that I plan on making a reality in the very near future.

... the art above Carrie Bradshaw's bed in the Sex in the City movie. I all of a sudden find myself watching a lot of Sex in the City. Mr. Smyth and I happened to buy the entire series when finding it on sale at Target for a mere $10 a season. I was trepidatious at first, unsure that I would buy into the feminine quality of the show (I have strong roots in tom-boydom) but have found it to be highly enjoyable. Now I find myself wanting to collect to create my own wall of art like that of the ever fashionable Carrie Bradshaw. My cuz has turned me on to an etsy shop that has peeked my fancy with her recent art purchases.

... getting back to the farmers market. It have been almost 5 weeks now. The holidays put a damper on what had become a very happy ritual Mr. Smyth and I developed. We will get back, I know we will...

... finding a unifying theme for our little apartment. I have done a lot of little projects around our home, most of which I quite enjoy. Now, looking at them all together I realize that they live a little in isolation. The living room is coming together nicely, but I would like to continue to find ways to unite the space. Gotta love a good ongoing project!

...using my new stencils. Ideas abound! Mr. Smyth gave me a fabulous book for Christmas by the fabulous Ed Roth. I can't decide what to stencil first... furniture, fabric, clothing? The possibilities are endless. Thoughts?

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