Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{diy} baby shower onesies

It was so fun to help throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law. One of the things I wanted to put together was a diy onesie station. It ended up being a big hit and I was so impressed with the adorable onsies that hung on clothes lines strung in the backyard. 

As a guest you could choose to paint or iron-on to create your masterpiece. I provided several different foam stamps, iron-on letters, and specific images printed onto transfer paper. A tabletop ironing board and extension cord allowed for guests to complete their designs outside with the rest of the party.

An example and simple directions were hung on twine above the table that displayed the materials. 

Each paint color had its own little ceramic plate (which cost about a dollar each at IKEA) and sponge brush. The sponge brushes are very inexpensive and made it so easy to apply paint to the foam stamps. The foam stamps enabled people to make legit looking onesies. 

A bowl of miniature clothes pins were on the table so that guests could hang their creations up to dry. The finished onsesies created a little gallery for guests to walk through, gather ideas, or simply enjoy.

We even covered the future dad's favorite sports teams. Gotta love printable iron-on paper.

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