Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Sad Story About Boots

Well... I have been waiting with bated breath for my beautiful boots to arrive. I came home yesterday to see two boxes sitting next to my lovely yellow chair, just waiting to be opened. My heart skipped a beat and I began to tear the boxes open. I opened the first box and was delighted to see that I liked the boots even more in person than I had like them online. I slipped my foot in, they fit perfectly, not too narrow, not too tight. Excitedly, I reached for the zipper, pulled... and... they would not zip all the way up. My fabulously curvy calves were too big for the beautiful boots. Saddened, but now feeling really good about my choice to get two pairs of boots I went to the second box. I felt confident that these boots, which laced up from top to bottom, would be no problem at all. The zipper on the side came down easily, I slid my foot in and went to loosen the laces. The bow slipped away and I pulled on the shoe string. My eyes widened as I realized that the tongue of the boot was stitched to the sides of the boot, making the laces a mere fashion statement, with no function at all. Disappoint reached an all time high as I realized that not one, but two pairs of beautiful boots had arrived and failed to fit. The moral of the story: Measure your calf and read sizing details closely before falling in love with a knee high boot.

Hope is not lost...yet. After scouring the internet for boots that were similar to those that I had fallen in love with I found these two. They don't have the same level of detail or vintage charm, but maybe they will win me over in person. Got to love Zappos for the free return shipping...

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