Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Plan

I have a plan. It will occur in three phases. One, the dream. Two, next steps. Three, the result. Slowly but surely I will work my way through our little apartment, giving it a face lift as I go. The hope is that I will be building toward my dream room, but taking steps that are within reach at this point in my time-limited, budget conscious life. As I take little steps toward my goal, I will post DIYs that I try out and the changes that I make along the way. Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do!

Phase 1: The Dream
I happen to be a huge fan of a romantic, French country look. To give the room a little edge, I have been drawn to industrial accents, like one of these TV stands. My parents are both carpenters by trade, so I have a huge appreciation for handcrafted details, especially those found in older, craftsmen homes. Those are the types of homes you would find me helping my dad in, or more likely behind, playing in the mountain of freshly delivered gravel in the backyard.

The items I am currently drooling over (shown above) include:
1. Flatiron Book Shelf from Urban Outfitters: $249.00
2. Sibley Floor Lamp from Anthropologie: $298.00
3. Kensington Upholstered Sofa from Restoration Hardware: $3895.00
4. Orimono Pillow from Anthropologie: $88.00
5. Owl Shaped Pillow from Urban Outfitters: $18.00
6. Dusky Blooms Pillow in gold from Anthropologie: $58.00
7. Brooklyn Coffee Table from $995.00
8. Home Decor Fabrics-Waverly Carino / Buttercup from Joann Fabrics: $44.99/yd.
9. Julia Upholstered Chair from Ballard Designs: $699.00

Total for my current dream living room: $6614.93 (yowza!)

So now for the hard/fun part. Finding cost effective ways (with a couple splurges and my crafty skills) to accomplish a similar look within my budget. I'm excited to get started!

p.s. I have run into a little frustration trying to upload the inspiration board I created. Sorry it is a little blurry, I'm working on it :)

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  1. I like your combo of old school + industrial, i've got kind of a similar, eclectic style myself.

    Undeniable Style


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