Thursday, January 13, 2011

Color Me Yellow

Is there ever really enough yellow in the world? Here is the chair that inspired it all. The fact that I now own this chair is a little bit of a miracle in my eyes. The universe came together in a beautiful way: our dear friends gifted their old chair to us a couple months ago, the lovely Jo-Ann put my dreamy fabric on sale, and my fabulous mother-in-law informed me that she was going to have my chair reupholstered as my Christmas gift. I had been drooling over the fabric for months and then, all of sudden, it was 50% off. Happy day. I have to say that I was blown away. The color is a favorite of mine and the way the very skilled peeps lined-up the pattern is impressive and sets off the fabric. You will see that the arrival of this chair greatly influenced the choices I have made in the rest of the room. What a fantastic first step toward my dream living room.

p.s. I am so sad I do not have a before picture! The picture in your mind should be of a orange, shag fabric. It was also pretty cute, but much more dated and clearly a favorite of cats, as seen in the wear and tear to the poor thing. In the future I promise more before photos!

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