Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lessons Learned on a Rainy Bike Adventure

The view from our seats at the Boiler House

I am back in the saddle again so to speak. Many ages ago I was an avid biker, not really by choice, but because I was a teenager who did not yet have a car, but did have a job across town. I think the fact that it wasn't a choice made it harder to love then. Recently, I have found myself stumbling back into biking. It all started with biking to work, which I love. Now I find myself looking online for different weekend biking adventures and keeping my eye out for local haunts that Mr. Smyth and I might find our way to.

A lovely part of the Bay Trail

Trusty Sunset Magazine provided me with my first weekend inspiration. There is a restaurant housed in an old factory building in Richmond called the Boiler House that is conveniently located on the Bay Trail. My hopes were somewhat dampened by the light rain, but Mr. Smyth and I decided to make a run at it anyway. The ride took us about an hour, started at our little apartment in Emeryville and winding along the bay all the way into Richmond. At first I was a little grumpy, disappointed with the weather literally raining on what I had been looking forward to all week. But quickly my spirits brightened as Jeff and I chatted and laughed together, riding our bikes through the local scene.

Not only did this adventure provide much entertainment, it also taught me several things:
1. A windbreaker is not a waterbreaker (I was soaked through and through...hehehehe)
2. Contacts are probably the way to go next time, unless there are mini-glasses-windshield-wipers that I can acquire before our next outing.
3. I don't love the way my helmet looks in photos, must look at some biker's blogs to see if I spot any good looks.
4. It might be a good idea to pack a small towel in my bike bag to wipe stuff down when biking in the rain.
5. I still need to bring a water bottle regardless of how much water is falling out of the sky.
6. Don't eat too much (no matter how delicious the food!) when you have an hour long bike ride home waiting for you.

Hope everybody had a fun filled weekend adventure.
Here's wishing you a happy Monday.

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