Monday, January 3, 2011

Dreaming of...

... romance
... painting my bookshelves (watch out, next steps towards dream living room coming your way soon!)
... beginning meatless Mondays, a movement I read about recently. Thought I would try it to expand my vegetarian repertoire, maybe increase the health of my diet, and help the earth.
... some cute biking gloves. I've been really good about biking to work, but my hands are freezing! Any recommendations out there?
... starting a 30 for 30 as described by Kendi on her fabulous blog. Thanks to my wonderful and fashion forward cousin Kate for helping me get started by looking in my closet. She even blogged about it here. So far I have actually worn five of the eight outfits she shows, they were huge holiday hits.
... time... have I mentioned that before... just more time...

Phew... it was a busy holiday season. Which makes me think of how I can't wait to have a baby! For two reasons, first and most important is that I am totally excited to be a mom. Being a teacher I get the pleasure of being around a million different personalities everyday. I get to watch them grow into their individuality. There is a big part of me that can't wait to help shape the world of my own little one (not to mention that I can't wait to see Mr. Smyth as a papa, he is going to be wonderful). The second reason is that I will have valid excuse to channel some of the holiday traffic toward our home. I like hosting and would be happy to have a revolving door, but having to get to so many different places ourselves is a little exhausting. Any-who, happy new year everybody!

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