Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Dream Come True

Beach side, listening to the strum of the uke, cooking outside, sleeping in a teardrop trailer. It doesn't get much better than that.

The mister and I took a little trip up the coast to have our first experience in a teardrop trailer in Bodega Bay. It was an incredible trip and probably the exact trip required to reset and relax.

We started our little trip on Fourth Street in Berkeley at Bette's To Go. An Almond Tea Cake, Old Fashioned Doughnut Muffin (yes, it is delicious), and a couple mochas got us ready for the road.

When we reached Bodega Bay we had to stop at an adorable, ocean view wine bar called Gourmet Au Bay. Wine surfing, as they call it, was definitely in order. I loved the surf boards that our wines were delivered on. A seal floated by as we sipped our wine and enjoyed the serene sound of water lapping the boards of the pier.

When we arrived at our campsite we were greeted by the incredible sight of our teardrop trailer. My jaw dropped and my heart soared. Then I turned to look at our view of the ocean and headed straight out for a walk along the beach. Wright's Beach campground (called Sonoma Coast SP on Reserve America) was a great pick.

Two trees stood out as the perfect spot to hang our camping hammock...

...and I relished in setting up our outdoor kitchen hidden away in the back of our trailer.

Games, books, and roasted marshmallows filled our first evening and the entire following day.

The Salt Point Trail provided the incredible scenery the filled our third day away from home. We took a six mile hike that wound along the coast, rarely loosing sight of the water. Seals, waterfalls, and incredible peaks kept us company as we tromped along deep blue ocean.

Lesson learned:
- Bodega Bay is beautiful and is worth returning to.
- Teardrop trailers are an incredible creation and I am set on spending many more days holed up in one.
- I HEART hiking along the coast.
- Wine surfing is a hit.
- Books are wonderful, but might be even more wonderful when read in a camp hammock.
- Wind + Sand usually = disaster, but not if you have a teardrop trailer....

If you live in the Bay, consider making the trip to Bodega. It is worth it.

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