Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dreaming of...

... a long drive, filled with Christmas music and chai tea lattes.
... more than one pair of jeans that fit!
... the smiles that will fill the room Christmas morning when everyone opens their beautiful bundles, I love getting people gifts, giving a good gift and watching a person's reaction is one of my favorite things...
... setting a table for a birthday dinner with the vintage plates Mr. Smyth got me for Christmas
... making a snow angle and then drinking hot chocolate to warm back up while I admire my work

I love the holiday season. It is a time when I feel surrounded by dreams coming true instead of thinking about things that haven't happened yet.

Today was my personal Christmas morning with Mr. Smyth and it was delightful. He is so thoughtful and found some things that I love, thank you babe. More than that, I love having a whole morning with him and cinnamon rolls, did I already use the word delightful...

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