Monday, December 20, 2010

Phase 1: The Dream (Bedroom)

So hopefully you have heard about my plan. I have all kinds of projects lined up to start working toward my dream living room and was eager to get started when I realized that the rain filled days are not the best for big projects that require outdoor space. I will be updating you soon on the next steps towards that project. In the mean time I started collecting ideas for the bedroom. This is very appropriate given that I usually plan out at least twenty projects before finishing one. So here it is...

Phase 1: The Dream
You can see that my tendency toward the romantic, French country look carries over in my plans for the bedroom. I love the little details in the room, starting with the irresistible guppy ring dish *swoon* and continuing to the vintage dresser top items. I have already started storing my make-up brushes in the apothecary jar shown above and am really happy with the combined practicality and old-school vibe it has going. In terms of linens, I really like clean white, with accents of color seen in throw pillows and quilts. More than anything I want to wake up in a space that feel light, organized, and cozy!

The items I am currently drooling over (shown above) include:
1. Gulping Guppy Ring Dish from Anthropologie: $18.00
2. Metal Accordion Side Table from Urban Outfitters: $60.00
3. St. James Framed Panel Bed from Restoration Hardware: $1990.00
4. Roving Rays Lamp from Anthropologie: $498.00
5. Wedding quilt from my mother-in-law: Priceless
6. French Carved Armoire from Armoire Showroom: $937.50
7. Antique Shaving Mirror from NouveauBella (Etsy): $39.99
8. Apothecary Jar from my stash
9. Vintage Mint Green Travel Case from LaBrocanterie (Etsy): $33.00
10. Vintage Painted Cottage Chic Nine Drawer French Provincial Tea Stained Dresser from The Painted Cottage (Etsy): $325.00

Total for my current dream bedroom: $4459.49
(factoring in 2 side tables and 2 lamps)

So now for the hard/fun part. Finding cost effective ways (with a couple splurges and my crafty skills) to accomplish a similar look within my budget.

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