Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Urban Tree Adventure

The holiday season is something I love and look forward to every year. I love the smell of fires being lit in fireplaces as you walk down a gray sidewalk on a brisk evening. I love the way colors pop out at you because of how the light changes. I love that you can see the season coming in the way the trees' leaves start to change color and then fall. So needless to say, these past couple of weeks have been filled with little moments of excitement and joy at the anticipation of the holidays.

Jeff and I have been living in Emeryville for three years now and we are in the middle of what you might call an urban jungle. We both love Christmas trees and Jeff in particular has very fond memories of going to cut down the holiday tree with his family when he was growing up. In our urban jungle, there are no Christmas tree farms, but there is a Home Depot. To create our own version of Jeff's family tree tradition, we have started walking to Home Depot, selecting our perfect tree, and carrying it home to decorate. It is a tradition that we have become very fond of. People gawk at the funny couple walking down the sidewalk with their Christmas tree in hand. Bikers stop to give us high-fives, complimenting us on our "green" behavior.

The evening that follows is one of my favorite of the year. Eggnog, lights, and holiday music fill our little apartment. Lights are Jeff's expertise and I work on the mantle. Then we unwrap each ornament, remembering when we got it or who gave it to us. The last two ornaments to be put on are silver, stick-like reindeer that Jeff bought the year we were married. We find a place where they can sit together and watch over the holiday's festivities. What a wonderful time of year...

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