Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dreaming of...

... learning more songs that I can sing as the mister plays the uke. I love singing with him and as we have built our repertoire it has become a special time for us to sit and make music.

... finishing the dream living room I have been posting about. The vision has changed a bit along the way, but I am loving the changes I have put into place so far. An ottoman and a rug and I think I will be satisfied.

... taking a jam making class from Blue Chair Fruit Company. I recently started buying their jam from our local farmers market and have become inspired. They sell a gorgeous jam cookbook that I was flipping through and had trouble putting down. But do I really need another hobby? Hmmm.....

... taking a watercolor class. With summer approaching I am finding myself wanting to take an art class. Photography is also calling to me, but I am waiting for my dream camera to arrive on my doorstep before I sign up for a class.


  1. Sounds like a lovely summer!!

  2. i just passed my ukelele onto my three-year-old niece since she really likes playing with guitars. anyway, those sound like great summer plans!

    dash dot dotty


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