Thursday, June 2, 2011

What to do in June

One of the reasons I started writing this blog was to help me live in the moment; have experiences now that are exciting and memorable. A big part of that initially was little home projects, helping me enjoy the space I am in and not getting too caught up in where I am headed. I am still working on those projects, but I wanted to enjoy more than just creating pieces for the home. In an attempt to further my quest to make time for the present (sounds like it should happen naturally doesn't it...) I have decided to set 4 simple goals a month and then post about their progress. I am hoping this results in fun and enjoyment, not, "How am I going to fit one more thing into my day, what was I thinking, I am so crazy!" Either way, you'll hear about the outcome. So here we go...

1. Locate and try out the treats from Skylite Snowballs. This truck delivers what the creator calls a "Baltimore thing," although I have a feeling it is becoming an Oakland favorite. Something about shaved ice laced with homemade syrup and topped with marshmellow cream sounds irresistible. It must be tried! The mister and I already enjoy walking the lake, so I am going to keep my eye on the schedule so we can plan our next jaunt to Lake Merritt accordingly.

photo by Aya Brackett

2. Use the copious amounts of sage slowly taking over my garden to create simple syrup to use in a homemade cocktail or soda. I have to find something to do with this plant or it will grow and grow and take over my strawberries.

3. Read an entire novel. I am thinking about I Am Number Four. A bit of a sci-fi adventure, but I am beginning to believe (contrary to prior personal belief) that I am a sci-fi reader, especially sci-fi found in the teen section. The Hunger Game series was a personal favorite. Who knew? My husband questioned if a book still counts as a novel if found in the teen section. I say yes.

4. Finish the cushions for the wicker furniture. Progress has been made. The wicker is painted, thanks so those who gave their input in the previous post about color choices. It is now "Shock Red" and I couldn't be happier. The fabric for the cushions just arrived. I am hoping the the aforementioned novel will be read on the new and improved wicker couch, maybe with a cocktail made from homemade sage simple syrup. How I love summer...

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