Friday, February 25, 2011

Dreaming of...

... traveling. Somewhere. Anywhere. Well... not anywhere, somewhere wonderful and romantic. It has been a long time since the mister and I have been any distance from the bay alone together. I want to buy some magazines, peach rings, and get on an airplane with my travel blanket. I have heard good things about Belize... Any other recommendations?

... a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Really any Kitchen Aid would do, but ever since I saw this one I have been drooling a little bit, not a great side effect in public. I would decorate an entire future kitchen with this as the inspiration!


...cuter bike bags. Don't get me wrong, mine are highly functional and I love functional, but there is something about cute/stylish/something you really like that cannot always be resisted...

... outdoor dining. Despite the fact that the gorgeous weekend we experienced last week was quickly followed by potential snowfall in the Bay Area, it still set my heart a flutter for an outdoor dinner.


  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I wanted to say, that stand mixer is amazing. I would drool over it too. It's just so pretty! I wouldn't mind a dress with a floral print in those colors. :)


  2. I've been so dreaming of going somewhere. too! Sigh. Somewhere beachy, for sure!

  3. That Kitchen Aid Mixer is DIVINE! Someday I will have the kitchen space to own something so lovely. Until then, I will just dream and decorate and bake in my head. :)


  4. Oh. Em. Gee... I am head-over-heels for that mixer!

  5. i am so with you on all four of these! that mixer is killer! i've often wondered what color i would pick, but picking a pattern would be so much better!

  6. i LOVE that first print..and the pioneer woman mixer! it's SO CUTE! i'm also jealous that you're in the bay area..i was born and raised there, and my family is still there..i miss it something fierce!

  7. I love that stand mixer! i just got a kitchen aid for x-mas, but now I want to paint and lacquer it up! And I really want to West Elm makeover my patio for balmy evening night-caps with the hubby after the kids are asleep. Well, maybe not balmy since I live in the desert, but you kwim. :)

  8. I've been wanting a stand mixer, but now I want a cool one like that!


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