Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dreaming of...

... an upholstered ottoman to spice up the living room coffee table situation. I love the print of the one above.

... taking an Urban Homesteading 101 class. Something about pickling fresh veggies and making my own marmalade sounds satisfying.

... owning a Copenhagen bike some day. Oh they are beautiful. The models to carry kids are classic!

... our upcoming teardrop trailer trip. I booked it today. Three nights in beautiful Bodega Bay and the fulfillment of one of my lingering daydreams!

... spending some quality time with my hubby. I know the whole wrap about the commercialism of Valentines Day, but we use it as an excuse to do something nice for each other. Most importantly, we carve out time from our busy lives to focus on nothing else, but one another. Important to do every once in awhile.

... getting grounded again. Cleaning up the house. Sleeping in. Going grocery shopping. Feeling rooted, calm, and collected. Its been too long since I landed and settled for a little while.

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