Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 5 & 6 & 7: 30 for 30

Outfit =
Dress: Moving Sale (Thanks Jill!)
to see full dress see 30 Items for 30 Days post
Sweater: Moving Sale
Headband: Jeremy's Department Store
Teal Flats: Born

It starts to feel funny when you don't go home for awhile. We got back from a wonderful field trip where Mr. Smyth himself helped out as a chaperone. The respite was short lived as we spent the evening packing for a weekend away with the family. I started the weekend off using a colorful dress as a skirt. Somehow having thirty items to pick from makes packing and getting dressed so simple.

Outfit =
Black Lace Top: Moving Sale
Skinny Jeans: Levis
Teal Cardigan: Target
Teal Flats: Born

Outfit =
Black & Gray Top: Target
Black Jeans: Levis
Necklace: Jeanine Payer
Black Coverse

So here we are back at Monday, keeping it low key and so happy to be home.
Have a great week!


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