Friday, September 30, 2011

{bedroom} too country?

The last two people to walk into my bedroom have immediately described it as "country." Although "French Country" is definitely a term that I feel captures at least part of my aesthetic, I definitely want to be a little edgy/industrial as well. Looking at my bedroom with fresh eyes, I find myself wondering... is it too country?

So here's what I am thinking [thanks to the Domino book of decorating], I am going to collect a bunch of inspirational images and get clear on what my style truly is. I am lucky in that I am a person who has not made many big purchases. Family hand-me-downs and craigslist have been my best friends. So now, as I enter a phase of my life where maybe some purchases can be made, I want to get clear. What is my style?

I love so many things. Domino suggests that a person collect things and images and say what you like about them in order to get to know your personal style. I have found that there is much work left to be done, but this is at least a first step heading in a direction...

I love the pop of the yellow in the headboard and the vintage feel of the bed frame. I like the detailing on the wood. I also like that the blankets are a little disheveled, it looks lived in. 

The pintucking caught my attention right away. I like the simplicity of the white. I like the wood siding on the walls and the hardwood floors.

I HEART the floors. The contrast of the color and the print in the duvet make me happy as well.

It is the feel of this photo that gets me more than the design. I like how lived in it feels. I love the doors in the background that peek through to the tub.

The pop of color is totally stunning. The bed is a little mod for me, but then I love the old radio and little alarm clock. I also really like the line of the lamps. The mister and I read in bed a lot, so light is definitely important.

The answer to the question of is my bedroom a little too country might be yes... None of these inspiration photos scream French Country, although I still maintain that there are wisps of that influence. I might be a little more confused now than when I started. So what to do with this bedroom of mine?

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