Saturday, September 24, 2011

i'm back and oh so inspired

The summer hit hard in the best of ways. I ended up holing up in our home while my hubby buried himself in books, studying for the bar. It was quite blissful, sitting in my red wicker with a glass of wine, getting lost in the pages of books I had been meaning to read. Some things got done, but mostly I busied myself relaxing and caring for the people around me. As a result my blog has been a little neglected. But now, life is back to its regular motion. I am back in the classroom with my students, biking to work, and craving the structure of my blog to bring me back to what inspires me. Lately, I have been getting lost in blogs and images. My most recent purchase, that I have fallen knee deep into, is the Domino book of decorating. It has me looking at my little home with fresh eyes. I can't wait to share what unfolds.

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