Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{dreaming of}

 {my photo}

... starting my own etsy shop. I took a trip to the Renegade Craft Fair and was so inspired by the incredible artists there. Early in the season I participated in a small, backyard craft fair and really enjoyed the experience. I hope to write a post about Renegade very soon. It is a trip I will definitely be taking again.

... warm socks like these.

... taking any class from Workshop. Riding in the car, jamming to NPR, I heard a woman being interviewed. Her commitment to diy and design caught my attention and when I looked her up online I found that all of her classes allign with my many dream activities. I think it is a sign. Screen printing has been an art that I have wanted to master for awhile, I think I will start there.

... Christmas decorations. The mister and I just got out all the boxes last night. We again took part in our urban adventure, walking our tree home from the Depot through the streets of Emeryville. This might be that last year if we are successful in buying a house in the coming year.

... making soup. Squash has eluded me up to this point, but I am ready with a pot, a soup recipe, and a blender. We'll see how it goes.

... finding more time to blog and create. Ahhh time, when will there ever be enough.

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